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Tiny World is a collection of music, literature and media for children that nurtures consciousness, empathy and self-respect. On a visit to Tiny World, we meet monsters and monkeys, fairies and grumpies, and human children who passionately know what they want. + Read more …

When children develop a strong, compassionate infrastructure where all feelings and needs are embraced and attended to, they gain an inner home that steadfastly supports them throughout their lives. They gain the ability to create an empathic space for themselves - and, in turn, for others.

Tiny World is a model of the loving, supportive inner home we strive to cultivate in our children. It is a place where life, even when challenging, is greeted with openness. The characters invite us into a space of compassion and non-judgmental presence as we follow them on their journeys of conflict and resolution, of self-assertion and self-acceptance. - Read less …

We have just released our first album, In Stillness: Lullabies and Meditations for All Ages! Please visit the album website to find out more about the album, make a purchase, download coloring pages and discover sleep and meditation tips.

Check out our video for the title song of In Stillness, below. Often when we lie down to sleep (or when we sit down to meditate), our minds are far from peaceful. Relaxing into the mind chatter and breathing into the moment can allow us to settle and be present - in wakefulness or sleep. Beware, though, this song is definitely soporific! + Lyrics and credits …

In Stillness

In stillness you rest

So peaceful

In stillness you breathe

In love

In silence your body


The breeze blows

All thoughts past

Vocals: Heidi Siegell

Cello: Michael Finckel

Piano/Arrangement: Rolando Gori

Produced by Rolando Gori

Thanks to Randall Thomas for offering mixing guidance.

The video of In Stillness was shot and directed by Rolando Gori and edited by Heidi Siegell and Rolando Gori.

We had the immense pleasure of filming friends over the span of a long weekend for the In Stillness video. A huge thanks to: Abby, Alec, Alexis, Annie, Arden, Asta, Brent, Brian, Carolyn, Charlotte, Chelsea, Christian, Claude, Cyrus, Dylan, Eli, Eliana, Francis, Helio, Ilona, Jack, Jason, Jensen, Josh, Juan, Jude, Krissy, Laura, Leigh, Louisa, Luca, Mairéad, Martine, Mia, Molly, Monica, Monica, Nathan, Nikai, Nina, Obu, Océane, Olive, Olivia, Paloma, Paul, Rebecca, Rob, Rue, Sadie, Sanjiv, Sheila, Spencer, Thor, Tracy, Vivienne.

And thank you to Kelly Miller for her wonderful job with makeup, Francis for his loan of equipment and Martha and The Church of the Village for their generosity with their space.

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We spearheaded Tiny World with the release of our first single, Growth Spurt Grumpies. We invite you to sing, scream and throw a wild rumpus with this bluesy tribute to the difficulties of growing up. + Credits and more …

Aside from being a fun song to sing and dance to, Growth Spurt Grumpies is meant to be used as an educational tool. We all go through our grumpy moments and days, especially as we're learning new things, and sometimes the feelings of anger and discomfort get so big that we can find ourselves overwhelmed and tempted to lash out. Growth Spurt Grumpies can bring up the conversation about grumpiness/anger and what we can do for ourselves and each other when we're in the throes of it. It helps us label and hold the experience, allowing us to honor it as a normal part of being human. And, of course, we can sing and dance and scream along with the song to fully embody the feelings (and find some humor in it all).

Growth Spurt Grumpies

Vocals: Heidi Siegell

Piano: D.D. Jackson

Bass: Motoki Mihara

Drums: Pheeroan Aklaff

Produced by Randall Thomas

Co-produced by Rolando Gori

Thanks to Randall Thomas for offering mixing guidance.

Vocals recorded at Musa212. Bass and Drums recorded at Sound Clash by Eliud Ortiz.

Mixed and mastered at fader8 productions by Randall Thomas.

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Help support Tiny World's mission. Please purchase Growth Spurt Grumpies for just 99¢!

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